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Put This On Your List

By: Jorge Palafox

November 08, 2011

As described on the cover article here is the more detailed list for you to consider when putting together your Home Disaster Supplies.

To start with get a sturdy container.  A garbage can is good.  Make sure it’s clean; new is preferrable.  It should be weatherproofed with a lid that snaps shut.  Wheels are an awesome option to make sure you can move it around when needed. Next…........

Food and Water:
- At least 3 gallons of water for each household member; to be safe a little more for children, infants and the ill
- 3-day supply of food, to include:
  >Canned fruit & vegetables
  > Canned meat & soups
  > Peanut butter & jelly (Almond butter more healthy, but more expensive)
  > Energy bars & any meat jerky (beef, turkey, pepperoni, etc.)
  > Crackers, cookies & cereals (Honey Nut Cheerios is the bomb!)
  > Nuts & dried fruit (make your own to keep the costs down)
  > Dry milk and canned juices
- Manual can opener (a must)
- Things to serve & eat with (think camping)

Personal Health & Safety
- First aid kit (put one together, it’s cheaper) & a handbook
- Whistle
- Change of clothes (at least underwear and socks…...Believe me, it makes a difference)
- Warm jacket
- Gloves (comfy and warm)
- Sturdy shoes (waterproofed expensive, but will keep you moving in the worst of times, especially if lots of water
- Hat (for sun); Knitted cap (for cold)
- Blanket or sleeping bag (remember mylar blankets only good when your body’s generating its own heat)
- Toothbrush (toothpaste also good, but can use baking soda)
- Towel and washcloth (definitely optional but good)
- Soap, shampoo & comb
- Feminine products
- Medications & medical supplies
- Contact lens case and solutions (take them out; use your glasses; have extra pair)
- Eye drops
- Hearing aid and extra batteries

- Household bleach (unscented)
- Eye dropper
- Hand sanitizer (waterless)
- Garbage bags (heavy duty)
- 5 gallon plastic bucket with lid
- Toilet paper (believe me, this becomes like gold)

- Battery-powered commercial radio (solar or crank-style recommended)
- Permanent marker
- paper & pen
- local map
- Extra keys (home & vehicle)
- Cash to stash (small bills)
- Important paper/pictures (e.g., driver’s license, insurance cards, etc.)

Tools & Cleanup
- Flashlights (battery-less, shakeable kind recommended)
- Extra batteries for everything you store that uses them and the right size
- Dust mask
- Goggles
- Adjustable wrench
- Hammer and nails
- Duct tape (lots and lots of it)
- Plastic sheeting or tarp (make sure it is of the heaviest material)
- Crowbar
- Bungee cord
- Disposable camera

Don’t forget the baby food or formula if you happen to have little ones.  Diapers and baby wipes also critical.  And your pets’ ‘must-have’ supplies are critical (Anyone heard of DART. Topic for another article).

Sources of water
- Drinkable
  > Fill up the tub, as soon as possible
  > Water heater (sorry waterless, on-demand tanks good for efficiency; bad as water source back-up)
  > Anything you could fill up before your water source quits (clean containers, of course)

- Non-Drinkable (toiletry needs)
  > Swimming pool
  > Hot tub
  > Water from the toilet tank (NOT THE BOWL, GOT THAT!!!)




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