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During storms and flooding, you must know how to protect your home, friends & family.


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The government's role is to protect us from these. Do your part & see how to minimize exposure or harm.

Preparation &

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If you are ordered to evacuate, would you know what to do? Let's find out!

Lesson Plans:

Take a WebQuest. You can teach yourself and your children with this fun and easy way to prepare for any disaster. It's also a good way for those who are not familiar with navigating the web to take this journey as a 'quick and dirty' tutorial for using the computer and accessing the many useful tools and information you can find on the web regarding disasters and ways to be better prepared.

Worksheets & Aids:

You don't need to spend a lot of money or look for complex tools to build a plan. Access the simple worksheets and planning aids that will give you a great start on preparing your emergency plans.

Preparation Guide:

For those of you who don't have the time to build a plan from scratch, there is the PrepGuide. It provides you with all the information and steps to take in one easy booklet to prepare your home and family for the inevitable. The Salvation Army has developed an excellent tool that is very simple to use, and, when you're done, the magnets lets you hang it on your fridge for easy access. You need to order at a minimum 20. Buy them and give them as gifts – a good way to show you care.

Disaster Toolbox

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  • Lesson Plans
  • Worksheets & Aids
  • Preparation Guide

Preparation Guide

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